Fishing wit SKA #myweekend

Well Angels I had a blast this weekend. I went out fishing Saturday i really need that because Friday was crazy i worked from 8am in the morning to 2:30am at night. I wasn’t going to to go fishing but i was like this will help…so me and a few friends went out fishing and they got alot of fish….me….not so many LOL I got 1 and lost 2. After being out there for about 3 hrs. We get a call that it was a bear on the property. I was like f**k these fish grab the stuff lets go LOL. We went to another place but i really dint like it to much. But i still had fun. Afterwards we stop by a place to get some pizza, chilled at my lace in the ac just cutting up. The i had to take another shower and get dressed to head out downtown to party and go the bars. Stayed out late when i got home i walk right to the bed. LOL

NEXT DAY: shower, dressed, hair, got cute to go out shopping i picked up something things from the hair store for my self and my clients then got something to eat and icecream picked up 2 pair of sneakers and looked at some super cute Betsey Johnson purses. I love Bestsy Johnson. I didn’t know she had towels and stuff…lol anyway…but i’m looking for my best friend a gift. She told me she wants her hair done but i want to do something else for her as well so i’m on the hunt for a good gift. My brother bday is coming up to i gotta go on a MAN hunt for his gift there bday is 7days apart… SMH 🙂 So…after that i came back home to start on my hair i have this new style in mind i can’t wait to finish. I’ll be posting pics soon. 🙂 I was going to go to this fun festival thing but i changed my mind i was in the sun so much saturday i was like I’ll pass lol.

Well here is the pics you guys check it out. XOXO talk to you later.


before the fishing trip

pretty flowers

Let’s ride lol 🙂

The Lake

Me trying to fish LOL 🙂

Okay let me tell you the story of the fish in the truck. So i’m was really not feeling all that heat so we got in the car to go back and get the umbrella out the car. So we made a stop on the other side of the lake to see if we could catch something. I didnt of course lol an my friend got one and put it in the back of the truck i was so sad for the fish i was like “aww fishy” LMAO! so i got it some water out the lake for it. My friend was like sha what are you doing Me: Ummm just getting some water. You never know you might just need some lake water My friend: Sha is you putting water on the fish…we cooking it anyway Me: 😦

So that’s the story of the fish in the truck.

I was going to go for the whole book story type but… lol 🙂

Chickens and goats- the goats ran off when i start taking pictures

pretty sunflowers 🙂

i love chocolate ice cream sundaes

Before the fishing trip. Everybody was so caught up on me wearing amy fatigue…

It was a bear on the loose. I’m to cute to die! Aint nobody got time for dat…

They say bears go by smelling things…idc..they can still see.

At the gas station on the way to go party 🙂


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