Yesterday!! 6/11/15

Besides me having to run all over my town yesterday getting things done. Let me tell you guys about yesterday. I bout messed up my laptop yesterday i was doing to many things online at once and on of the site crashes i went to task manager and and end task on windows explore…..not the windows explore web but something else…whateva it was made my laptop screen go blank i was bout to pass out…i didnt know what to do. So i called my uncle an he tried to walk me tho it but that didnt work out….so i thought about it for a min. because i’m pretty good with computer i’ve just never seen something happen like this before. I thought maybe if i go into safe mode and do this and this that would make it turn back on…then i thought going to task manager again and going to run and putting it in…i did do that but it didnt work. Then i thought…I’ll just cut the whole computer off and cut it back on…THANK GOD! it was time for a computer update. So long story short if this ever happens to you this is what you do….cut your computer off and cut it back on before you click on anything look in the right hand corner for some information about computer update click on that and give it time to update and finish. When it’s done everything it back to normal. BUTTTTTT when you get to your main screen give everything time to com up an dont get on the internet tell 30/45 later. Also your computer screen may flinker a little after this but it’s okay it’s stop after a few hours.

Another way you can do is go to task manager and put in windows explore or explore.exe…depending on what type of laptop you have it should work but i know “windows explore” dont work for gateway. or you can switch users or go into safe mode…i just didnt feel like going tho all that..i wasn’t in a rush to get back to what i was doing online but i still didnt want my sh*t black either….sorry for the words..i just had a flash back of the pain i felt when i seen my screen go black…lol 🙂

Good news…lol 🙂 I fixed some chill beans w/ meat and rice yesterday OMG!! can you say #everything!! I love chill, i love bean i love meat & rice. Everything all in one. #Letseat lol 🙂

I also found this old a*s youtube video i made of me and my ex-fiance’s dog. I was a mess hunny and i had that pink hair that was everything but this was the mess i had on a purple dress half sleeve witch was cute but i had on yellow flip flops idk if i just put them on to take him out or what…idk LOL and i love animals so much i talk to them and treat them like babies even if the dog is to big to sit in my lap i love animals!! it makes me this lady next door to me has a dog an he is a black and white pit but it’s a puppy…i just wanna squeeze it an be like <IN MY BABY VOICE> “LOOK AT YOUR LITTLE FACE YOU SO CUTE YOU WANNA GO FOR A WALK YOU HUNGRY YOU WANNA PLAY!! YEA LET’S TAKE A WALK” TELL YOUR MOMMY YOU COMING HOME WITH ME…YEA YOU COMING HOE WIT ME..YES YOU IS. #teamcracra lmbo!

I stop by the grocery store yesterday and after i went to the store next to pick up a few things i walked out the store bout to head home and this little girl runs up to me like…hey i was like hey how are you i look up to see what direction she came from cuz she POP right in front me….i didnt see anyone. so she went on with i like your look i said thank you. And she was like where did you buy it…i told her and she was like thank you an walk back to this car in the parking lot..i wasnt even halfway out the store yet..i said awwwww you welcome. Cuties lil thing… i love kids…and i also love to see a child dressed well and looking clean…cause these days it’s to many moms looking better than the kids and thats not

I want to also comment on these dudes. Guys please stop coming up to a lady asking all these crazy as* question. What happen to hi, my name is….your beautiful or hi, my name is…. what’s yours… something soft and sweet. Yall coming off the couch wit these questions…stuff that a close friend would ask…yall cant be trying to get deep information in just 2sec. it dont work like that. #teamtomuch

Love you angel ttyl 🙂


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