Long Over Due: Q&A

I have been holding off this Q&A for a minute now. I have to look at my blogs but i don’t think I’ve done one in like a month. I will be answering both good and disturbing questions. Which was one of the question…why don’t you answer all the question. So here it goes…

*Can you do a video of your room and bath? / Can you do a video or your apartment?

No & No! LOL i’m j/k i can do a video of my room and bath room but idk know about my living because i feel that’s crossing the line of my privacy. LOL i just don’t wont my whole apartment on video. I can tell you what it looks like….My colors are brown, tan & black. I have cheetah pics on my wall, i have a really nice set up in my living as a shop. I do hair, nails and makeup. And that’s it. It’s decorated really well and my clients and friends like it….But it still looks like a living room space as well. Wait on that bedroom and bathroom video…not sure when i’ll get to it.

*You should make a nail blog or nail tumblr for your nail designs.

I wouldnt do a blog but a nail tumblr sounds good. πŸ™‚ On my website i have a folder of all my nail pics. These pics are like a year old. Some of me, family & clients. I have to update my site ASAP πŸ™‚ But you can still check it out.


*When did you start your wordpress blog?

I think sep or october of 2014. πŸ™‚

*Who is your fav. make up artist?

Stahr Milan hands down


*Do you get paid to post blogs?

No i don’t. I do it because it’s fun. I like to help & entertain people. My side non paid job. LOL

*You was getting deep in a few blog post a few weeks ago. What made you want to express yourself in that way on social media if that’s not your Cup of tea?

I don’t drink tea. πŸ™‚ I’m j/k. Just trying to make make light of some of the question i really don’t wont to answer but i feel that you guys should know. I was at a point in my life where i never thought i would be. I’ve been heart broken before and done wrong by “friends” but I’ve never been a situation where i feel like i was being mentally abused and talked down to and it made me so emotional to a point i felt that the best thing for me to do is to talk to my besties and also my Angel’s and get a bit of advice. I do understand what your trying to hint on and the only thing i can say is that never feel like in a situation like that; that you was the issue an don’t go back to try an fix it. No point. Let it go move. God has something WAY much better waiting for you. Sad part i figured that out while i was getting “closer”.

*Eye color?

You like them contacts huh? lol j/k My eye color is sandy brown it changes to oak wood brown. But i wear hazel contacts sometimes because i don’t like wearing my glasses all the time. I can’t see Ish** lol πŸ™‚ #prettyblindgirl

*I like your family picture who is older you or your brother?

My brother is one year older than me and i call him my twin. I love my bother so much we got the same type of crazy #twins right, lol

*What do you like most about your body?

Awww can i pick 2. I can’t pick just one. lol I like my legs & hair. You thought i was going to say face. She is cute LOL but i would say legs and hair. Her longs is long and pretty but i don’t show them…to much attention be going on and hair because it’s curly, wavy, slicky, straight.

*How many times a month do you design your own nails?

Once or twice. Depends on the damage. I wash my hands A LOT and if i have a really busy month with clients then i let my personal stylist do it because my nails get weak sometimes even with the acrylic on top and they grow so fast i have to sometimes get fill ins before my apt date. Speaking of nails i have to get them done now. I don’t have a design in mind yet i was suppose to go yesterday but i wasn’t in the mood at all. I love doing my own nails. It’s just so time consuming and it’s 3rd as hard to do your own nails. I feel like if i’m at the shop doing nails or getting my nails done i wont have to worry about stopping and dealing with a touch up because i would have to stop and take a client. It helps if i’m at the shop because i get to take a little time for me. I like coin coin LOL but sometimes i need that little break.

*Do you write music?

When i was little i did alot. It went from a diary to a “music diary” i don’t do it now but when i watch some of my favorite artist videos on youtube i make suggestions like “such & such should be in this for the remix” I love music.

*Can you do another The Real Live Blog?

Awwww YES!!! She will do that again soon darling. LOL

That was so fun! I’m happy someone enjoyed it as much as i did. πŸ™‚ BIG SMILE!!!!

*Next photo shoot?

Who knows. I’ve been focused on getting my boutique in order, spending time with my lil brother and sister and some other “stuff” i took a little time off away from the “professional” camera. And I also want to find a really good photoj.

*I like the toni braxton short hair cut you posted on your page. I think you would look nice with a short cut. When are you going to do it?

I’m not sure. I want it to be a wig but then again it would look nice in a pronto. I wouldnt get a sew in because i just colored my ends light brown like a weeks or 2 ago.

*What type of foods do you eat for breakfast?

I love eggs but i don’t like making eggs. I’m over the top crazy for bacon. French toast bread/ sticks. Oatmeal. Bananas, Applesauce. Let me tell you about me and apple sauce #life. I LOVE applesauce. I can’t picture myself opening my fridge and there is no applesauce. #Teamapplesauce lol

*Can you do a business blog? Title: How I run a successful business.

Sure. I’m not at the place i want to be in my business but I’ve came along way and did it by myself. In having a business i actually had a chance to say i’m a philanthropist. And that’s music to my ears because i like helping people. I’m thankful God+ has blessed me with the talents i have because i can give back.

*Fav. outdoor acts?

Well in my area we have a great downtown and sometimes they have the whole downtown full or lights, fancy cars, activities at the park, screens…i like going to the park when they have special events. AND I LOVE Β bonfires. I haven’t had one yet due to the weather in my area just started to get warmed up. *Okay non of that was like a “acts-acts but that’s what i like.

*I like your facebook like page. You posted on your page your adding new items to your boutique. When will the items arrive?

Thank you πŸ™‚ and it will be here between June 5th and July 11th. These recent items i just ordered are coming from china and its take awhile but it’s worth it because these items are super cute. You can can buy them and other items from my boutique on Storenvy, Poshmark and i’m going to post on vinted soon.

*What type of laptop or desk brand do you use?

I have a gateway windows 8, Dell latitude D610, and Dell desktop i use to just mess with. I broke my desktop down to study the inside. Sounds crazy but i wanted to know how the inside of a computer looks, what cords go to what, what this cord/ plug do to make this this and this work. My mom kept me in computer classes. I love everything dealing with computers.

*The beautiful picture you took with the blue shirt. I couldn’t tell it was a wig. What brand?

Thank you. πŸ™‚ It’s by Vanessa 5th ave collection. It’s really comfortable. My first wig and I picked a good one. Try them out. πŸ™‚

*How do you feel about Kim K’s dad?

I’m happy that he is coming out and i’m all for being comfortable in your skin & being happy but i do feel that it should be some type of law for wasting 20+ yrs of someones life. He said himself he has been feeling like this for YEARS…he should have came out then and went on with his life. I’m sure she is going thu alot being in the middle of this mess.

*Do you still do art’s & crafts?

Yes. πŸ™‚

*What brand of hair do you use for your clip in extensions?

When i do my own clip ins it’s just any type of brand that i choose at that time. Remy, milky way, model model equal etc

But for my clip in line i’m waiting for the “ok” i just don’t wanna use someones hair without asking first. I got my letter back from Outre i’m waiting on 3 more companies to write me back an then i’ll be ready to sew and promote. πŸ™‚

*When are you coming back to South Carolina?

OK!! SC!! lol Idk yet but soon i hope because i need a vaca ASAP. I want to also stop by ATL to see what they did to the peach. The last time i went they was doing work on the peach… on the way back home it was covered up. I had the worst sad face you have ever seen. lol My friend was like shanice it’s a peach. I wanted to say IT’S NOT JUST A PEACH I DON’T GET TO SEE IT LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE IN ATL! LEAVE ME ALONE! LOL

What.. Madea say you wanna be left alone. go get a loan and get out. #teamcrazy lol

Well that is it doll faces ****ANGEL’S**** Thank you for the questions. I love you guys and thank you for reading. XOXO


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