Ok, so i’m sure you guys know by now i’m over the hills for the Braxton Family Values Show.

Reason: I love tamar lol, i’m a tamartian, there mom is super sweet and so nice, i wish i had 4 sister and we sing, dance and travel lol sounds weird but my current mood for the braxtons and the real show is not just .comness but come.ness. lol

Okay so….i’ve seen ever Β the real show and every BFV episode. I’m really enjoying the new season.

I’m watching it right know as i type this. If you haven’t seen it yet don’t worry i got you,

Okay…so the show starts with showing Traci at her radio show. Her hair is super cute it’s long red wavy hair. I’m happy for her i see so much in Traci. And then it shows Tamar talking to her mom. Her mom is in pain due to her neck issues. 😦 I pray that her surgery goes well. So the mom is asking tata how her an the sisters are getting along. I understand how tata would feel about them coming on stage last season an not telling her. It didnt go bad BAD but it didnt go well either. Tata was a little upset but not to the point she wanted them to leave. Ta wanted the camera people to leave. And i think he took as she wanted her sisters and the camera people to leave. I’m sure if i was a singer i wouldnt want any to pop on stage with me and start dancing and walking around outta order…. for a few reason…1 if the sisters got on stage and something went wrong…that’s just giving the internet something to talk about an down tata even more. And that’s another thing yes true tata has a mouth but she speak the truth, she is a really sweet person, she loves her family. She has a great husband, beautiful child he is well taken care of. And she beat year around. Β #Haters People arent looking at the good. They rather talk down about her or call her names…not realizing that by them saying that it shows what type of person they are. **BOOM** LMAO!!

Anyway….so then it shows Trina getting her (i might spell the sister names wrong…sorry 😦 ) bar chicks things going…her an wanda goes out shopping for some stuff and tra tells wanda that gab is no long helping her with the ba. GOOD because she need to do it by her self. That’s the best way to go.

Wanda is still going on with tata. I think they both need to just stop and take time to talk it out…which they have done but this time talk about all the positive things they love about each other or moments that hey have had together and look at what they both are missing out. It goes deeper than that but that could be a start…..#imjustsaying

Traci little boy is dating and tra is feeling some type of way about it. I do understand that but he is getting older and it’s time for him to start experiencing the dating world. He is at that age. She should talk to him about but not try and pull him away from it or get him into his feelings because it could make him act out…. I really don’t now how to explain but my angels are smart i’m sure you guys get what i’m saying. πŸ˜‰

I do believe that this is it for trina and gab. I feel that trina deserves better and i wish her luck in finding real love.

I love the way trina talk her voice is everything. πŸ™‚

So….tata and toni goes out to eat…..pause…… okay Toni is life. For real i love her style, the way she carry herself and that hair right now. I’m not cutting my hair an i’m not a fan of wigs but i will be getting me some short cut hair from some where. I really want a short cut SO BAD. Back to toni* I have every Toni CD i’ve never been to her concert but if one comes to my area. I love her book and her voice makes me wanna sing with all me life. LOL

But………………I’m still in shock tho…that toni doesn’t have a husband she is

Sorry you guys i’m really on this .com .org .me .us style right now. I just like it an it like me. LOL j/k seriously tho i do. Bout as much as Emoji. The big smile face Emoji makes me wanna eat the phone it’s cute an… (I didnt know what to say after “cute an” i just knew it was an something. lol πŸ™‚

Tamar at that table wig that wig is #cuteaspie I bout my first wig like a mth ago and i love it. I never got one because i was scared it was going to fall off. But i thought of an idea to buy a wig and just do custom clips in inside the wig. I make custom clip in extensions so i thought it would be a good idea to *do* my wig like that. Note: If you would like to try my custom clip in weave. Email me subject line: I can (Custom Wig clip extensions exp. 3 years)

Here is a pic of my clip in weave (pic 1, 2, 3) and what i like to call it my Tamar Wig (pic 4)

My hair is long but i just love weave. LMAO! #clipangolife πŸ™‚ I also like clip in because if your a women with a busy sch. it really helps to keep your stress level @0. After hair, make up, clothes, shower, brush teeth, clean up, am cooking….i be tired already and i haven’t even started working yet. lol #yes #clipangolife

Next: Toni wig πŸ™‚

Okay so wanda and tra go to see the guy to talk to him about tra leaving gab. Gab is really doing o much i really wondered why she stop doing her music and know i know. 😦

I don’t want to spoil it but i think Traci son got his girl friend prego and he ask the girls dad for her hand in marriage,

Well you guys thats it’s. πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading my crazy.comness blog post. lol

Love you guys xoxo talk to you soon, πŸ™‚


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