I don’t feel any love any more. I thought i knew who you was when i welcomed you to walk in my door. I felt like our hearts beat the same….but i guess it was just a rush…this is not a poem i just need to express myself and writing this on my blog i figured was the best way…you seen for yourself how i enjoyed talking to my angels so i guess i’ll tell them before i tell you…they seem to love me more and they know my name and they don’t yell at me or make me feel like less of a person. It’s takes so much to wake up everyday feeling like i lost my passion, morning smile, morning motivation….this thing called go getta runs tho me like water down a sink i ain’t felt like that in weeks, I don’t have a weak bone in my body………wait………

Let me reintroduce my name is Chanel Shanice Alexande’ria I was born in 1988 (not 2015) I’m not a child i’m a grown ass women. As long as I’ve had 2 legs that function **despite what I’ve been tho, seen, did or heard** I been walking on my own 2 feet with grace, ambition, passion, love for my art, craft *work*, intelligent, my faith, my smile can bring light to a dark room, my closet by it self can start it’s on boutique an sale in 1 day i’m sure, my hair & nails stay on fleek city cause god made me like this….i’m not conceited  i’m confident.

I know who I am, I know my worth, i’m not sure what god has planned for me but i feel it an i know it’s going to be amazing. No man, women, child can tell me nothing about me….me & god got this.

This blog is not just for me this is for any man or women that feels like there at that breaking point or for those who don’t feel like there beautiful, worth living, something to look forward to in life, not knowing your true *pure* worth.

Love yourself never let anyone tell you about yourself. Deep inside you know who you are. Stand strong. Make the best out of this one life you have. Make the right moves…I’ve made bad moves….your going to it’s life…but learn from it let it go and don’t go back to it…. It’s like standing around 1000+ people. know what makes you stand out from those 1000 people.

Angel’s this is no lie as i’m writing this post i feel all of what i was trying to find earlier just now came back. Besides what I’ve been dealing with this past week….i knew i can get a smile in from my angels liking my post, finding awesome stuff for you guys to read, when i think of my blog i think of you guys and it puts happiness in my heart. You guys are like my get away. I block out everything even The real LOL

I pray that that my angels understand where i’m coming from if not your welcome to comment or email me. I really didnt wont to get this deep but i felt that talking to my angels would help an it did. I love you guys so much and thank you. An excuse me angels for some of the language. XOXOXO 🙂


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