Q&A w/ SKA

Hello luvs i hope everyone is having a great morning. 🙂

Well I’ve got some Q&A for you all. And i would like to say first that some of these questions are getting a little touchy but i’m happy that you guys are putting it in my hands and i hope what i say helps because i want you to be happy and i want your career to blossom and your lives be stress free. Here we go….

Note: I will reply to these questions as if i’m talking to you directly…

What do you do when you feel that you have no one on your side or no one to talk to?

I praise god in my own way. I don’t go to church every sunday but i know the word. And i hate to throw god in your face because i’m not really sure if god is your belief but sweetie talk to god or whoever you praise. Pray, do yogo, start your own little personal diary (NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA) and i may not have all the answers but you can talk to me. You are not alone i’ve been in a space where i felt that way to…after my mom passed i didnt know if i was going left or right some days i really didnt have anyone to share my thoughts with, go to the mall, go sopping….my mom was my best friend we did everything together. I pray and i do feel like she walks with me i wish she was here to be with me to help me with something i have going on now but baby you gotta stay strong hold your head high ad do your thing. An at this point in your life when you feel like you have no one. You got to step up and make it the best for you…because feeling like you have no one you are all you have so don’t stress as much…do all you can to make you happy, smile, pray, start that journal, make a list of goals, write me anytime and keep it pushing. XOXO

I love music and some song bring me back to unpleasant times in my life but i love the song, what should i do?

You have to just let it go. When that song comes on sing is as if you where healed from that situation you was in change the words and smile when it goes off. 🙂

**i want to cry so bad because some of these questions is so touching but i can’t because i’m here to be strong for you guys and i really do thank you for writing me** Note some question will not be answer until the next Q&A i wont to get the most important ones out first. And you can Contact me anytime at CreativeMindCorp2005@gmail.com subject line: I can

I’ve never been in love before have you?

I have and i hate that it didn’t work but we was in 2 different worlds at the time. I was kinda in my bad girl life 2yrs into it and he was just beginning to grow and have real life moments. I wouldn’t go back considering what we dealt with because i know those issues would continue to come up… but yes i was and it was the best feelings ever…. ((if this questions was yours please email me for a one on one session, thank you)

Can you make blogging a job?

I’m not sure doll face because i write blogs due to loving of help people and i love fashion…the list goes on…but i’m really not sure if you can or not maybe you can charge for our advice or whatever it is that you do on your blog…maybe charge for fashion tips or look book…i’m not really sure how you would go about doing that.

I’m having my first child an i don’t wont to be with the dad anymore but i don’t wont my child to be without a dad.

No harm. But this is not enough information for me to really tell you what to do…i don’t know if you want to leave him because of what e is doing or if it’s because you think he is not going to be a great farther or it’s a possibility it might not be his….But i can say if it’s because you just feel that it’s not going to work r if he is doing something to you then you need to sit down with him and talk it as adults an let him know that you want to move on. I don’t think me and you are going to master being great parents for this child….be careful how you talk, your facial expressions, don’t walk away when your talk to him give eye contact. (email me for one on one)

How do i keep up with my diet?

Take a piece of paper and write it down….put it on every place you are mostly at in the house or at work. At your desk in the office, on the fridge…..i do this with my goals i have it writing down and when i get on my computer it reminds me and i also took a big piece of construction paper and wrote all my goal in it and I put it in my dresser drawer when i go in to get my clothes i see. It gives me so much motivation and talk to you guys is like therapy you guys really helps me to just et go and relax. This is a great start to my other question.

How can i set my goals up to where everything falls in place?

Get that piece of paper…and don’t write down to much at once. I notice when i was younger i would just write down basically my whole life on that paper…lol And i look back at it like i have so much to do and checking things off the list…i still felt like OMG i have so much more to do. So as i got older i realized that i need to just write down my most important and MAIN to do’s as of right know…like for an example this will lead to me getting this this and this in place when i get to that point or when it’s time for that. Don’t over do it because it will make you not want to do it or fall through with your plan.

Another main this is…if you have people in your life that make you feel like they are really not for you doing better for yourself…im sure you know this but… like let’s say you do something so awesome and it seems like that friend or family member really or you kinda sense they are in there feelings…let them go…this could also hold you back or make you feel down. If you accomplish anything you should have a smile so big it’ll bust the roof off a house.

lol I love you guys ttyl XOXO


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