Q&A w/ SKA

I think I may have asked some of these all ready but i really don’t remember and some of these i just love because i do want to answer them…lol *all for it* okay here we go…

Do you have any kids? If not do you want any?

No i do not. If they come they come. But it’s gonna be by the right one. Sorry to sound so hood but aint nobody got time for dat. lol

What’s your favorite color?

I have 3 favs Red, yellow & pink

What type of shoes do you wear?

I loveee heels i have more heels than anything but if i do go outside of the heel family Polo, nike & baby phat maybe converse it depends on what i have on.

Do you wear weave?

LOL yea sometimes i love my natural hair but a weave is everything because i run my own business an my showers take up most of the time then hair, eat…i only wear eyeshadow, mascara and gloss so that takes no time to do that….but my hair is so important lol i wear my natural more than weave but i do like weave.

What was the most fun place you have ever been?

ummmmmmmmmmm……..i cant pick just 1. lol

How is Shanice behind the computer?

OMG i could not wait to answer this…LOL!!! I am a little ratchet. I’m just playing. No i’m not. I’m slly, outgoing, i smile alot, i dont like things being out of place i’m very neat, i have a disorder called *clean every30minsoitis* i eat alot LOL.

I walk around the house singing, i’m not afraid to get up and start jamming if my fav song comes on 🙂 I love to laugh. My nails is life. LOL I work out twice a mth doing dance cardio and yoga, i love to write…..

What do you hate?

BUGS!!! OMG! I do notttttt like bugs…all bugs. If i see a spider….lets just say flash aint got nothing on me. lol

Why did you change your CMC page?

I just wanted it to be more fun i also like to help people. I see great deals and awesome videos when i’m online so i just wanted to share it with my friends. 🙂

Do you like paper or plastic when you at the grocery store?

LOL this question was tooooo funny. I like them both i just wanna take my groceries home. lol

Do you like gold or silver?

Gold because a wear it alot but i have silver jewelry to.

Can you do 1 video? Please

Believe it or not i do have a video on youtube but it’s so old and stupid. LOL I had pink hair and the video was of me and my friend puppy outside in my back yard running around. To answer the question I will one day……1 DAY/1 TIME ONLY LOL 🙂

I like your pinterest page. But your not on there much. Why?

Thank you. I run a business by myself. LOL I made one because i love fashion, hair, nails, cute pics….how about this i’ll be on more. 🙂

**i’m trying to organize the questions….see what i mean…it’s bad. LOL**

I don’t think I’ve ever seen your facebook page say relationship.

HEYYYY that’s not a question. lol I go out on dates but not really ready because my after my mom passed ‘m just focused on my little brother and sister and my career if the right one comes i’m sure god will let me know. <<god gone be like>> girl this is it. Imma be like God you did that. Thankyaaa LMBO!

**i’m not playing with gods name just adding some fun to the post**

Do you give back to the community?

All the time. I think it’s only right because if it wasn’t for god & my clients i wouldn’t have what i have. I love helping people. 🙂

I really had a great time with this Q&A. Again some questions was a little to…. you know. But it’s been fun you guys…and remember all the question doesn’t have to be about me you can ask about hot deals, things your looking for online…anything. LOVE YOU XOXO


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