It’s so crazy how I ran into this video…i was just talking to a friend about dreamcatchers yesterday an I was super shocked that the person had no clue what I was talking about…

ummm ok???…why did I assume everyone knew what a dreamcatcher was… my bad :/

How awesome would it be if we made one…so I was looking at videos on youtube an BOOM there it is…a DIY dreamcatcher video… WELL THAT REALLY HELPED ME REFRESH MY MEMORY. I love dreamcatcher’s.

If your ever in the Charlotte/ concord, NC area visit the Concord Mills mall they have a store full of dreamcatcher’s of all sizes..there was a few bigger than me…seriously an i’m 5’1.

I also found a link to the store so you can go an check them out they also have clothes & jewelry to. šŸ™‚

Dreamcatcher’s >>

NEW trends at the Mills >>


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