Bday weekend was like….


I hate to brag but i think this was the best bday ever…I wish to have many more!

Well it started out great then bad then even greater than i imagined. The lady that took my reservations she messed up the reservation and they gave my Jacuzzi room to someone else…the manager got it straighten out and up graded my room and sent me over to another hotel. Friends & family came out for 3 days straight. I had such a great time, fun, music, dancing, movies, shopping, my chauffeur was nice & respectful, watching the sun rise…my room was beautiful…fireplace, Jacuzzi, large bed & pull out for company, room service was great i love there cheesecake with graham cracker crust, large flat It was worth it all after they messed up my room reservations. But Mr. Joe head of Wingate made sure i got what i wanted after the drama 🙂

Kevin hart new movie was crazy. And will i cant even deal with him; he is just to much. LOL 🙂

My bday bash last sunday was awesome to 🙂

Photo shoot of my bday weekend coming soon…lol i don’t wont to give any picture clues you can see some of the fun pics on my IG

But the best part of all coming back to my blog and site to see your likes, comments & i have a Q&A post coming soon i got a few things in my email the other day. 🙂 Love you guys so much XOXO

I have some more great post for you guys so keep a look out! or you can give me some idea’s of what you want me to post.


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