Q & A with SKA

*Would i force my child to go to college?

I don’t have any children but if i was i a parent i would not force them to go to college but i would tell them how much better of a life he or she would have by going to college. “if your a good parent that should be the  first thing to come to mind besides just walking away from the issue” but…. no i would not force he or she to go but with a good sit down “talk”..i’m sure i could change my child’s mind about going.


*Living in ———-, NC how do you feel about the upcoming changes with High point Rd?

I’m happy that they are changing up high point rd and making it a better area for people that live on hp, rd. I would prefer if they focus more on people that are homeless, better health care for people in NC and helping kids of less fortunate in elementary and high school but we all can’t see WHAT’S REAL issues.. :/

*Is today national napping day for you?

LOL, i wish…no it’s not…but it is a big change for the body when the time moves back and forth so the day of “next day” you should get a little more rest but not for me. But i love it…national napping day get’s a vote for me. lol 🙂

International Women’s Day….

I’m loving it….all i can say is this is truly a really great thing that we have a day like this..if you know your history…then this is a really great day for us.

*Student camera’s in the school of ——, Ohio…

Pissed….I think any camera in a bathroom in a school is bad…NOTE i will say that if the school is having alot of trouble with students that are smoking, bulling students or doing other actives that they aren’t suppose to “bad things” in the bathroom an it’s just becoming a really big problem then maybe YES ((but not able to see them when there using the bathroom “women’s bathroom” “YES” but if thats not the case then NO!!

The camera’s was in a girls bathroom of elementary kids, installed by a male teacher… EXCUSE ME….BUT HELL NO AND HE SHOULD DO HARD TIME.


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