Bobby Shmurda & Momma Shmurda

This is how i feel about this…L.A has made so much money off of this kid…that should be his reason for trying to help him get out. OKAY…what he did was wrong an he should get some times but for L.A just to turn his back on him and act like he don’t know what’s going on is WRONG! I dont know much more than others about the industry right know but….i know it’s probably a good feeling to get signed or be in a magazine…if the opportunity falls in your lap take it but before you do…do your research….know who you dealing with before you put your name in writing on anything…that’s goes for whoever…know what the h*ll your getting yourself into and who your dealing with. “People smile in your face and putting a knife in your back at the same time.”

I guess L.A dont know when you do wrong you get done wrong.

Mommy Shmurda Clarifies Bobby’s Rant

20-year old Bobby Shmurda has taken the hip-hop scene by storm with his summer smash “Hot N*a.” The Jahlil Beats produced track features the lyrics “Runnin’ through these checks till I pass out,” which refers to the spending habits of the Brooklyn MC.

However, Shmurda recently took to social media to explain that he isn’t being paid accordingly. In a series of Instagram videos, the Epic records rapper even threatened to stop doing shows.

Since then, Bobby’s mother & manager Leslie Pollard has spoken with Billboard to clarify the situation.

“It’s not that he’s not getting paid, it’s that he’s new to the business,” stated Pollard. “There’s a chain of command that he has to go through before he gets his payment. I guess he’s thinking all the money should go from the front man to his hands — it doesn’t work like that. Of course they hold onto it so he actually does the show. Then it goes to his business manager, then to the touring accountant, and then to him.”

The music industry is never as cut and dry as it seems from the outside looking in. This will simply serve as one of many teachable moments for the talented spitter.


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