Hey you guys…i miss yall so much i’ve been on here but not to post just to make sure i add my followers back…I just moved into my new house so i’m trying to decorate and get things unpacked, along with that working, getting out theses orders and i’ve collected up a few ood pages of post for my blog that i know you guys will love… 🙂 They will be up this weekend hopefully… OHHHHH!! i miss you guys so much….hate internet company for taking FOREVER to connect my internet…lol

Well it’s late here in NC. So i talk to you guys later. XOXO

Be looking out for your name on my fb/ twitter/ IG & WordPress. I’m announcing my blocher gift giveaway 12/3 XOXO 🙂 :* ttyl

For order information/ pick/ deliver…an any other info regarding your order or other services please contact me on my work number only…i’ll be switching my info over to a new phone (personal cell phone) it’ll take my cell phone company a few hours to get everything switched over. 🙂 IM me on fb/twitter or IG for work number before 1pm tomorrow. XOXO talk to you later.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving & black Friday!!! 🙂


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