I got a few questions in my inbox sorry for the late post…

Where you in any beauty pageants as a child?

No, i was spoiled by my grandma sitting on her lap watching her draw the most beautiful houses you have ever seen…followed my brother around, played with baby dolls and went to school.

When did you decide you wanted to be a model?

14/15 but i didn’t get up the strength to really do any modeling until i was 17…long time right??? but i stopped for awhile to focus on my mom an work so i just recently got back into it like 4 years ago…i still have a long way to go.

You grew interest for doing hair when you was 12 what made you interested in doing hair?

I was born with eczema in my scalp…going to school was HELL until middle school….my mom took me to every dermatologist in Greensboro, NC after 2 yrs of dealing with all types of hair creams, early morning appointments… i took it into my own hands to tell my mom i’m not going any more…mixed up my own formula and treated my scalp by myself. It wasn’t bad bad but it was bad enough…i still use my own products along with other products like tresemme, sulfer 8 & dove hair care. I have done treatments on over 5+ people eczema with my own product and it turned out well…what i went through with my hair i knew that if i could find “not a cure for scalp eczema” but no signs of it in the scalp, no itching, heavy dandruff…i could help other people and it just grew from there…braiding, updos, sew- ins, school. The Diva Express.

Why do you want to be famous?

LOL. Famous… No. I really just want to help people, Either if it’s by helping someone with there hair, nails, school work, getting into modeling, donating, fixing there computer, problems, find cute deals on clothes…basically anything to help make them feel happy, gain knowledge. I have a very warm heart and i just like helping people.

Where did the name kitty Alexande’ria come from?

I  guess cuz i look like a cute lil kitty, my nails are long…NO! i’m just kidding i really have no clue i just came up with it an i think it fits me.

Do you give back to the community?

Yes. I like helping people so i always donate. I just did i 5k walk for JDRF.


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