How to Choose the Right Career

For me is was kind hard because i was blessed with a lot of skills and i’m very thankful for what God gave me an the work my mom put into me.

Hair, nails, make-up, skin care from 2005 to present & currently doing massage 4yrs experience, i went to school for interior design, getting a little bit of skills from the health & Style Institute, Writing poems & short stories as a child, Singing, dancing, sewing, my mom putting me in front of the computer doing typing classes -i have no clue how fast i type know i gave up on keeping up with it LOL-, Being in ROTC in high school for 2 yrs, etiquette classes, drawing, making clothes & purses, art’s & crafts, chorus for 2yrs in high school. I was put in Honors Civics in high school -the HARDEST class EVER!-, designing websites, doing work for foundations & 5K walks, modeling, beauty pageants, a little bit of photography -i got into that because i just love capturing a beautiful moment-, cooking, baking, mentoring upcoming models, helping people… see what i mean??

Tell this day i have no clue what i want to do -just building up my resume & trying new things- i’m just blessed and thankful that i can do those things & experienced things in high school -my mom being the best MOM ever- to help me get to where i am today. I can switch it up, make money from my talents & skills, help people, giving advice, donating to foundations… #Loveit 🙂

I don’t wanna live everyday of my life doing the same thing over & over again -9 to 5- #Boring

Thanks Blochers XOXOXO S.A

P.S as you can see i just speak from my heart whatever runs across my mind i type it…so sorry for the sloppiness…LOL


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