New trends & PhotoShop

tribal print with flavor

Well you guys know that i’m stuck in a world of cute scarf’s, ribbons in my hair, baby doll shoes, an color coordinating with EVERYTHING. But the new fashions trends are really taking over. I’ve always been the type to stay in style with the new trends but being original what makes you stand out from just the clothes & shoes. Starting off with a unique style but still trendy is #A+.

I’m so in love with the tribal print & animal print fabrics. But i can say I’ve took it a little to far some days. -dripped in from head to toe- LOL. Nothing is wrong with that but like i said adding a little flavor to it is #A+ Keeping up with the trends are a good way to add more flavor to your style and expressing yourself through your look. Key words just don’t over do it. Still try and be original an HEY maybe you can start your on trendy look an before you know the world will be in your corner. 🙂

photo shop


I’ve never been the Photoshop type….it’s not my cup of tea. The only thing i hate about being a model is that the photographer takes it to far with the blending and touch ups. Maybe adjusting the skin tone to look a bit more #fabulous & #flawless but photo shopping the whole image really takes away the overall beauty of the picture. I just feel that if your going to be a model (cause that’s when photo shop is mostly used) work on your skin tone complication yourself, workout, tone up your body, purchase teeth whiting strips, make sure the look is on point before the photo is taken, take all weird objects out your background before the photo shoot/ selfie. #NoPhotoShop #A+ #KeepItSmart 😉

No disrespect to kim k she is gorgeous xoxo 🙂


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